it wasn’t me

It wasn’t me … is a newly written science fiction musical that raises questions about artificial intelligence, alternative worlds, religion, the future of the earth and what is actually real.

”I’d like to imagine God as some sort of mad scientist that programmed this dream-world that we live in. Because you know what? What we perceive as physical reality is actually a computer-generated simulation, like a super sophisticated videogame, created by someone very powerful, that some of us call God. Or as I always say: holy shit.”

Saga Björklund Jönsson and Niklas Rydén play two scientists who, with the help of artificial intelligence, are trying to create a new, better world. Italian-German playwright and director Nicola Bremer has collected quotes from articles, books and films along with texts created by AI software and dialogs generated by chat bots. By randomly sorting the material, something new has been generated – a collage of text, music and video.

It wasn’t me… is a cooperation between The Mainstream and NewOpera CO. The show is 75 minutes, and is performed in English.

Text and direction by Nicola Bremer
Stage, projection and costume design by Steffi Rehberg
Music and stage performance by Saga Björklund Jönsson and Niklas Rydén.