Premiere – Refugee Safari

The Mainstream in collaboration with: Bataljonen [SE] Dafa Puppet Theater [JO] Asociația BÁBU Egyesület [RO] Set design: Réka Deák   Written by: FATHER AND SON MAINSTREAM text: Nicola Bremer Music: Saga Björklund Jönsson Choreography: Hanna Morau On Stage: Saga Björklund Jönsson and Husam Abed ”Politicians simply copied us, dictators copied us. So what should we […]


- so don't take things so seriously
YOU ARE HERE (so don’t take things so seriously) is a theatrical performance based on the Isaac Asimov’s science-fictional series: the Foundation Trilogy. It is written by Nicola Bremer (and Isaac Asimov) and directed by Gemma Carbone. YOU ARE HERE (so don’t take things so seriously) is also and especially a challenge. When we first read the Foundation Trilogy […]

RÖST – vad skulle du säga om alla lyssande?

RÖST is a movement. // RÖST är en rörelse. Vad skulle du säga om alla lyssnade? If everyone was listening, what would you say?   Projektassistent och fotograf: Stina Landahl Regi och komposition: Saga Björklund Jönsson och Amanda Andréas RÖST is a community that is open for anyone without registration or categorisation. // RÖST är […]