- so don't take things so seriously

YOU ARE HERE (so don’t take things so seriously) is a theatrical performance based on the Isaac Asimov’s science-fictional series: the Foundation Trilogy. It is written by Nicola Bremer (and Isaac Asimov) and directed by Gemma Carbone.

YOU ARE HERE (so don’t take things so seriously) is also and especially a challenge. When we first read the Foundation Trilogy we found ourselves pondering a paradox: how to stage a story that has not yet happened? Is it possible to put on scene the History of the future humankind? We started wanting to create a science-fiction performance, we dived into a complicate galaxy, following the laws of the modern physics and contemporary theater.

We want to give many inputs, present many characters, visit distant planets and speak different languages.

We want to talk to everybody concerning what most matters to everybody: our Future. What do we do to create our Future? How can we change it?

YOU ARE HERE (so don’t take things so seriously) is our little step to start changing the Future, by creating a new Present. And the challenge, the essential and most beautiful one, is to create it together.

These are the two coordinates which we would like to verify: space and time.


by Gemma Carbone

written by Nicola Bremer

with Saga Björklund Jönsson, Gemma Carbone, Nicola Bremer, Anna Dalenoft, David Timonen and Isaac the Robot

co-produced by Cinnober Teater, Naprawski and Grenland Friteater

supported by PIT Festival | Scene:Bluss 2014